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Warning: Potential spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 5 coming up.

Following up on yesterday's news that filming on The Walking Dead Season 5 was taking place in an old hospital in Newnan, GA., The Spoiling Dead Fans have got another super-scoop, this time hinting at a possible pregnancy for one of the characters.

Here's what they had to say:

Apparently there is a "popular AMC show" that is currently being filmed and are in need of an "old model sonogram machine". While they do not state which show it's for, they do state "around Atlanta" and they will rent the machine for the days needed during the episode filming.

I have a theory about who the sonogram is for, but I must warn you - you're probably not going to like to it and it could be hugely spoilery.

You've been warned.

I think Maggie is pregnant - which is amazing - but it also means that Glenn could die. We revealed a while back that there were rumors coming from the set that his death had been filmed, and if Maggie is indeed pregnant, this would kinda fit in with the comic book storyline - although admittedly with a different time frame and perpetrator.

Also, remember when Maggie burned a picture following their reunion at the back end of Season 4? I thought at the time it was a pretty dumb move, but perhaps it was actually more than that. Perhaps it was a portent for things to come...

I got two questions for you....


Is Maggie pregnant?


Will Glenn die?


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