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Warning: Spoilers and speculation about The Walking Dead Season 5 to follow.

Thanks to the continued hard work and super-scooping skills of the guys over at The Spoiling Dead Fans, we've got some more filming updates for [The Walking Dead](series:201193), which offer some clues to the plot of Season 5.

Cast and crew are filming for six days on location at the old hospital in Newnan, GA. with reports suggesting some sort of base camp has been erected on the set. Check out the images to see for yourself:

The old hospital
The old hospital
Big tents on location
Big tents on location
Signs for the base camp
Signs for the base camp

So what does this mean for Season 5? Here are three scenarios I came up with.

Medical Attention

This is probably the most obvious but also potentially the most shocking scenario: one of the group is badly wounded and desperately in need of medical attention. Perhaps the escape from Terminus wasn't without casualties and the rumors of a major character's demise are actually true...

Army Base

Another scenario could be that the hospital is acting as a base of operations for the army. We haven't seen much of the Armed Forces since the outbreak began, but surely pockets of resistance must have survived the early days of the apocalypse. However, whether they would still a force for good remains to be seen.

Hershel's Farm/The Prison Mark II

My least favorite scenario would be for the group to find another location to hole up in and call home. For any of you that went a little stir crazy thanks to the inordinate amount of time spent at both Hershel's farm and then the prison, seeing the group stay for an extended period at another location might fill you with feelings dread and claustrophobia.

However, showrunner, Scott M. Gimple, has shown he likes to stick closely to the comic book source material, so I don't think this will happen and I expect the group to continue on the path to Washington DC before too long.


What do you think is going on at the Hospital?


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