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Ghostbusters 3 is a strange kind of limbo at the moment. As far as we know, it is definitely going to happen, however it seems to be progressing at a extremely sluggish pace. Probably, this has quite a bit to do with a lack of director, Harold Ramis' recent death, and the uncertainty of Bill Murray joining the team once again.

Despite this, we have received some rather major news for the sequel. We always heard new Ghostbusters could be signing up to the team, and it seems Oscar (Dana's baby from Ghostbusters II) could be first confirmed team member. When asked what she knew about the progress of the movie in a recent interview, Sigourney Weaver (Dana) explained that she said to [Ghostbusters 3](movie:32733) writer, Ivan Reitman:

I said, I have one condition want my son Oscar [from Ghostbusters II] to be a Ghostbuster, and he said, ‘We’ve already done that.’

However, this news makes us speculate about what could have happened to the remainder of the team in the 25 years since we last saw them busting ghosts.

Dr. Raymond Stantz - Dan Aykroyd

Now presumably, if we set Ghostbusters III in the present day, the original characters are going to be approaching the wrong side of the retirement age, so I can't imagine we'll see Dr. Raymond Stantz donning the grey overalls again - at least initially.

As arguably the most competent surviving member of the Ghostbusters team, I'd quite like to see him at the head of a sprawling franchise, perhaps one which has expanded a little bit too far and lost what originally made it so special. With the climatic end to Ghostbusters II, I'm pretty sure the crew are no longer lacking in publicity or funds - I mean, they made the Statue of Liberty walk to the tune of Howard Huntsberry's Higher and Higher for goodness sake! So with dozens of crews and teams of Ghostbusters, we could see the the original guys taking on more managerial roles. Ultimately, however, the audience is going to want to see the old stars back in their overalls. A major crux of the third film could be the need for the old war horses to get back to their proton packs and deal with a threat the new generation of Ghostbusters can't handle.

Dr. Peter Venkman - Bill Murray

Bill Murray has already stated he would only return for Ghostbusters 3 if he is killed off in the first five minutes (which could actually be a rather somber scene), but let's just pretend for a second that Murray does finally agree to come back into the fold. His relationship with new-coming Ghostbuster Oscar, could be quite an interesting one. Although it's never stated - in fact Dana claims Oscar's father is a musician who 'ditched' her for a job in London - it is lightly implied that Oscar could in fact be Peter's kid, or at the very least Peter concludes that he 'should' be his given his past relationship with Dana.

I think I'd quite like to see a Venkman who has quit, or even been fired from, the Ghostbusters - perhaps the more expansive version of the service didn't appeal to his unique sensibilities. However, with a new threat emerging and the chance to rekindle a relationship with this kind-of-maybe-but-possibility-not son, Oscar, perhaps a washed up Venkman can be persuaded to NOT cross the streams one more time. Of course, this all depends on Murray joining the show. He once said: "No one wants to pay to see fat, old men chasing ghosts", but I'm not so sure about that, Bill.

Winston Zeddmore - Ernie Hudson

Winston's role in Ghostbusters was to always act as a surrogate for the audience - basically someone for Egon and Raymond to spout techno babble to, and to ask the questions the viewers might be thinking. However, twenty-five years down the road, I doubt we can expect him to still be the team's rookie. In fact, I'd quite like to see him as seasoned professional who has a more hands-approach with the new Ghostbusters - perhaps even a trainer, mentor, or dare I say drill sergeant to the new underlings.

Louis Tully - Rick Moranis

Personally, I want to see Rick Moranis back in Ghostbusters 3 because he's simply been off our screens for too long. At the conclusion of Ghostbusters 2, we see that the Ghostbusters humble accountant has become a fully fledged member of the specter fighting team - even if he does have to borrow a uniform. We've recently heard Moranis will be returning for the sequel, so I hope to see him getting further into his more heroic mode - although it might be nice if he does maintain some of his dorky mannerisms. Oh, also let's see how far he got with Janine Melnitz.

What do you think? Do you have any big demands when it comes to Ghostbusters 3?


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