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Professor Dumbledore is about to take a lead role in the miniseries of J.K. Rowling novel!

Harry Potter star Sir Michael Gambon is set to star in the BBC/HBO adaptation of Rowling's novel The Casual Vacancy. Gambon, who took over the role of Dumbledore in the third Potter movie after the death of Richard Harris, will play parish council leader and delicatessen owner Howard Mollison in the three-part miniseries.

On the surface, the little English town of Pagford is a peaceful haven. A closer look however, reveals that the seemingly idyllic place is a war zone. Parents vs. children, neighbors vs. neighbors and rich vs. poor. The death of councilman Barry Fairbrother becomes the catalyst for the biggest war the town has yet seen. Who will secure the empty council seat? Let the games begin!

The Casual Vacancy has sold over six million copies since it was published in 2012. While it received mixed reviews, it became a bestseller and has now sold more than six million copies. Even Stephen King had some kind words for the non-Potter debut, stating that:

Do you remember Tom Sharpe? It's a bit like that. And it's a bit like Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? It's f---ing nasty. And I love it.

Well, with the addition of Gambon to an already intriguing adaptation, I'm certainly looking forward to see what The Casual Vacancy offers when it arrives in 2015.


Do you think Michael Gambon is right for the role of Mollison?

(Source: ComicBook)


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