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After Ian Somerhalder posted THAT gravestone picture, The Vampire Diaries fans have been desperately fearing the worst about their beloved Damon. But now, Ian Somerhalder has stepped up to the podium to deliver some very important news. So, will we be crying tears of joy or sadness?

Thankfully, it looks like the former! It has been confirmed that Damon is not permanently dead, even though got trapped on the other side on the season five finale

Hollywood Life had an exclusive interview with none other than Ian Somerhalder himself and asked him to explain the torturous "game over" picture. The smouldering actor who plays fan favourite Damon on [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) told interviewers that;

I was just playing around. Who are we kidding? Damon’s not going anywhere

Don't toy with our emotions like that, Ian!

So, all you Delena fans out there can breathe a huge sigh of relief. Elena might have been crying her shattered heart out in the season five finale, but she will be reunited with her true love at some point in season six.

Ian Somerhalder might not have given much away, but it is reassuring to see the actor himself confirming that Damon will be sticking around.

With that comforting thought in mind, take my hand and lets take a walk down memory lane and relive the reasons Delena totally makes TVD!

6. The chemistry between Delena is positively radioactive

5. Damon loves Elena for who she is and always has done

4. Elena brings out a tender side to Damon that is normally so deeply buried inside him

3. Damon and Elena share a similar sense of humor and have so much fun together when the goings good

2. And when the goings bad... Delena just make us route for them more!

1. This scene...


Are you reassured that Damon really WILL be coming back now Ian Somerhalder has spoken?

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