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Karly Rayner

What a picture! The crystal clear blue sea, the mountains and that toned, tanned hunk of six pack. But, I bet you can't guess which Vampire Diaries hottie lurks underneath the question mark of intrigue... No, really. You will seriously never guess!

Okay... You can have a go if you want to!


This studly six pack belongs to...

Now you've cast your results, I can reveal that the owner of the six pack in question is in fact 49-year-old French actor Sebastian Roché! Who knew such a gym bod was lurking under Mikael Mikaelson's clothing!

Don't believe me?

Take a look at the original and unedited picture for yourself below;

Were you surprised by Roché's impressive beach bod?


What do you think of Roché's beach bod?

(Source: Wetpaint)

(Images: Instagram)


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