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Every time Nina Dobrev has the audacity to step outside with someone of the male persuasion, they are automatically her boyfriend according to certain sources. But, could their be any truth in the latest rumor?

The latest bloke to be romantically linked to Nina Dobrev is Dominic Howard of the British rock band, Muse. The pair were spotted together in Monaco for the Grand Prix just last week, but this isn't the first time they've met...

Nina Dobrev and Dominic Howard first locked eyes on each other at Coachella in April, and they have obviously been moving in the same circles ever since.

Later on in April, Dobrev and Howard were caught posing for a sneaky Instagram picture with Laura Whitmore (how random!), but is there any more evidence of the pair being an authentic item?

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, fans took to Twitter to claim they had seen Dobrev and Howard "making out" at the Grand Prix, but an exhaustive trawl didn't reveal any illuminating Tweets.

Dominic Howard seems to be a very private person which might attract Nina after the whirlwind of publicity that followed her relationship with Ian Somerhalder. When I was sleuthing for any possible girlfriends, I could find no information on the rock stars private life, despite him being in a high profile, award winning band.

That being said, Dobrev is romantically connected to every man who comes into contact with her, she is also rumored to be dating [True Blood](series:200767) actor Alexander Skarsgård at this very moment. Not to mention all the past rumors that turned out not to be true.

It's hard to make a call on this relationship rumor at the moment, so for now I will have to be conservative on my bulls**t-o-meter. Although my heart is telling me this can't be true, looking at the current evidence as objectively as possible, I give this rumor;

Why 3? Well, there are actually pictures of the pair together and Nina Dobrev could be into the idea of going out with a less high profile man. On the other hand, Howard is 36-years-old and, seeing as the age difference between Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder was problematic, this doesn't seem ideal. That, and the fact that if Dobrev went outside with her own father she would probably be romantically linked to him! Poor girl.

But, don't just take my word for it. I've knocked together a little profile of the British rocker so you can judge him for yourself. Could this man be good enough for Dobrev?


Dominic Howard Dissected

Age: 36

Birthplace: Stockport, England. Howard moved to Teignmouth in Devon with his family age 8. Look how cute it is!

Height: 1.73 m (Dobrev is 1.68m tall)

Occupation: Drummer and producer for British rock band Muse, check him out in action below

Recognize the lead singer? That's probably because Matt Bellamy is married to Kate Hudson...

Favourite things: Howard's favourite musician in Jimi Hendrix, so much so his dog is named after him. He is also partial to tucking into some Brie cheese and being a clean freak compared to his grubby band mates.


So, do you think Dominic Howard is good enough for [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) actress, Nina Dobrev?


Could Nina Dobrev be dating Dominic Howard?

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