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E3 is usually the opportunity for video game developers to tease the first little sneak peaks of their anticipated upcoming properties, however, BioWare have done things a little differently by releasing a 'concept trailer' for Mass Effect 4.

Instead of showing off some flashy gameplay or cinematics, they have instead decided to debut a developer diary which details some of what we can expect from the developer. Among other things appears to be a much larger Mass Effect world as well an interesting sounding new IP. Check it all out below:

OK, so the trailer does play a bit like one of those irritating aspiration commercials but there are some nice little nuggets of information hidden in there. Also, although the talk of Mass Effect 4 is certainly exciting, this new game might actually be the real takeaway from this trailer. What could it be? Well, it doesn't sound like its related to Mass Effect, although some of that conceptual art did hint at a sci-fi setting. With BioWare developing some standout roleplaying games, I'm sure it's something ambitious.

Which has got you more excited?


Which BioWare project are you most excited for?

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