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The Academy Originals videos series hasn't been going for too long but the official on-line documentary channel has just launched a new show. Their Moments That Changed the Movies will focus on game changing moments across Film history with the first instalment focusing on Industrial Light and Magic's landmark Computer Graphics work on Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park.

The short features super producer Kathleen Kennedy, the ILM team themselves, as well as "Practical" SFX artist Stan Winston. Check out the whole thing below:

Interesting stuff. There's a whiff of sadness to Winston's work becoming somewhat obsolete, but ILM still seems like such an exciting place to be at the beginning of the 90's, and just imagine being in that room when the first test was screened...


Do you see this as a great turning point for cinema, or the beginning of an over reliance on CG? Let us know below.



Greatest technological landmark?


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