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We've seen a lot of Asgard over the years. Between two Thor movies, a whole lot of comics and a Norse saga or two, it's a thoroughly well trodden place.

Sometimes, though, it can still surprise you. Conceptual Illustrator Kevin Jenkins has recently posted some examples of concept art he produced for Thor: The Dark World onto his website - and they're absolutely stunning. Including landscape shots of various parts of Asgard - and a number of preliminary scenes from the movie - the images are well worth checking out - which you can do below:

Aside from the astonishingly beautiful landscapes - and the bonus hints of fight sequence - it's great to get a glimpse into the development process of as visually rich a movie as Thor: The Dark World. My only real problem is the same one that could have been leveled at the film itself - Not enough Loki, not enough Heimdall.

[Thor: The Dark World](movie:206462) is available on DVD now.


Which other Marvel films would you like to see Concept Art from?



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