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With the emancipation proclamation, the holocaust, the Munich Olympics, WWI and II all under his belt, Steven Spielberg is, for better or worse, becoming Hollywood's chief historical voice. Many people will come to view these events through the imagery of those films, and by the look of things he's about to add another study to the list.

Bryan Cranston picked up the Best Actor award at the Tonys on Sunday night for his portrayal of former President Lyndon B. Johnson in Robert Schenkkan's All the Way, which also won Best Play. Then just yesterday Deadline reported that Spielberg- and his Amblin productions television wing- are in the process of optioning the rights to the series and, no surprises, want Cranston to star.

Johnson with Martin Luther King Jr. in 1966
Johnson with Martin Luther King Jr. in 1966

The play, which the director has reportedly seen a number of times, focuses on the year which followed the Kennedy assassination in 1963 and focuses mainly on Johnson's work with the civil rights act before his landslide re-election in 64'.

Would you be excited to see Cranston in this sort of weighted fare, or perhaps you already have? Tell us about it below.

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