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True Blood may be about to come to an end, but that doesn't mean that the revelations are going to stop coming anytime soon - especially with Ryan Kwanten on the promotional trail.

The True Blood star has been talking to Bello about the show's final season - and revealed that his character's sex-infused core dates back to the very first scene that he filmed:

“My very first day on set, season one, was such an in-your-face reveal of Jason. It was the scene where he’s having oral sex with Maudette Pickens (Danielle Sapia), and no joke, the first time you see him, he’s coming up from between her legs. That day, I sort of thought to myself, if I can get through this, anything else will be as easy as making a piece of toast.”

Which doesn't, he argues, make him anything less than the moral center of the show:

“I think Jason is almost like the moral compass of [the show]. As ridiculous as some of the situations he gets himself into can be, everything comes from a place of reality with him. Jason is who he is, and if he’s funny, or naive, or just plain dumb, that’s [simply] his truth within that particular situation.”

When it comes to what's next though, Kwanten is a little more coy - though clearly looking to the future with a strong streak of optimism:

“I feel like I’ve sort of set myself up well beyond where I thought I would ever be, so it’s time to take stock of where I am, smell some roses, and eventually make a pretty selective next decision.”

The question is: what will that next decision be?

[True Blood](series:200767)'s seventh and final season is set to premiere June 22 on HBO.


What do you want to see next from Ryan Kwanten?

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