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Have you ever wondered what would happen if Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum were to arm wrestle?

Well, if so then kudos for the weirdly specific imagination - where can we get us some of that? - and congratulations, for you are about to find out:

Tatum's recent appearance on The Tonight Show saw a battle destined to rattle through the ages. A contest that only tapestries could hope to adequately document. A fight to the very finish of all human decency, decorum and moral sense. It saw two grown men arm wrestle, accompanied by some of the most weirdly specific trash talk ever committed on screen.

Fallon and Tatum trade barbs, ridiculous accents, and Channing Tatum legally changing his name to...something you need to hear for yourself...

One highlight - Tatum delivering the immortal line: I'm gonna start texting you so you see that little typing bubble pop up...and then I'm gonna wait like five years...And then just text, 'K.'"

You can check it out here:

The main lesson to take away from the video? Jimmy Fallon is only a small dose of gamma radiation away from being a legitimately terrifying super-villain...

[22 Jump Street](movie:434853) is set for release June 13, 2014.


Whose trash talk was the best?

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