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Norman Reedus might play badass zombie killer Norman Reedus on The Walking Dead, but in real life he's not nearly as tough - and even lost a fight with a mattress recently.

Speaking at Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards after nabbing the gong for biggest ass-kicker, Reedus revealed that removing the plastic from his new bed proved quite a challenge:

I chopped the tip of my finger off the other day and I cried like a baby. I'm a complete wimp.That's not very ass kicker-ish, is it? Listen, you can give a crossbow to anybody and they look bad ass.

I dunno Norman, if you gave me a crossbow I think I'd look like an idiot. And I'd probably shoot myself in the foot... That being said, I am really good at taking plastic off things....

And if Norman really is a wimp in real life it doesn't matter because he plays Daryl Dixon on [The Walking Dead](series:201193), who's probably the most badass character on TV. He's still winning at life.


Is Daryl Dixon the most badass character on TV?

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