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Paddy Considine has been blowing us away for years - how can one guy command so much of the screen? I'm sure he's a super nice guy in real life but on screen...that is a whole lot of INTENSITY. Check out 5 of his most full-on, no-holds-barred moments...

Dead Man's Shoes (2004)

Character: Richard

One of the most harrowing movies you will ever see, Paddy's take on Richard, a brooding psychopath intent on revenge is the driving force of this clever slice of all-out brutality.

Intensity: 5/5


A Room For Romeo Brass (1999)

Character: Morell

Intensity: Another great team-up between Considine and director Shane Meadows, Paddy's Morell is kind of...a bully with good intentions? OK, so he's pretty vicious, but Considine imbues the character with an ambiguity that deepens the movie.

Intensity: 3/5


Honour (2014)

Character: The Bounty Hunter

Considine is the unnamed 'Bounty Hunter,' hired by a Pakistani-British couple to hunt down and perform an 'Honour Killing' on their daughter. An aggressive man with ties to Far Right Racist groups, this is Considine at his most menacing and unpredictable.

Intensity: 5/5


Submarine (2010)

Character: Graham T. Purvis

As a bonkers New Age guru, Considine employs his trademark character observation in the service of comedy...but Graham is still pretty creepy (unless you simply adore mullets).

Intensity: 2/5


My Summer of Love (2004)

Character: Phil

When Born Again ex-con Phil discovers his little sister is having a tumultuous love affair with another girl, his newfound 'faith' soon gives way to the aggression that got him locked up... Phil is the big brother from Hell and Paddy Considine plays him to perfection.

Intensity: 4/5



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