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Jack Murray

Spoiler Alert!

After just recovering from the ultra-violent ending of the last GoT episode: 'The Viper and the Mountain', we are given more ultra-violence in the new episode: 'The Watchers on the Wall'. The last episode was great no doubt about it, but this episode was just as good.

I know we are all itching to see what will go down in Kings Landing, but this was a nice break from the Lannisters and their crap. At least it will be longer until we see Tyrion go, that's if he does, which I hope doesn't happen but it probably will.

Anyway, this episode was full with nail bitingly intense, insanely violent, and overly gory action, which is what I love in a Game of Thrones episode. The fight scenes were done extremely well, especially the scene at the end where the Wildlings that were climbing the wall get knocked off by an anchor. Ygritte's death was also well done.

Can we now focus on how badass Jon was in this episode? You knew when Jon decided to go down and fight that shit was about to get serious. And guess what? It did. Samwell also had a few cool moments, but nothing will beat the time he killed that White Walker. Ghost also had an awesome scene, well, pretty much every scene with Ghost is awesome.

This is defiantly one of my favorite GoT episodes so far, it's up there with 'Rains of Castamere' and 'The Lion and the Rose'. I can't wait until next week's episode, will Tyrion really die, or will someone save him? Will Jaime save him? Will Cersei get what she deserves (to die)? Will Dani actually do something? What will happen to Jorah? I can only hope these questions will be answered next week.


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