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I'd just like to point out that this article is about my own personal annoyance, frustration and disappointment at the way Storm (Ororo Munroe) has always been portrayed within the movies we have seen so far.

This is why...

Firstly, from what I no about Storm from the comics and also growing up in the 90's watching the X-Men cartoon Storm was always an incredibly strong, determined, independent and powerful woman and mutant. She had to be. Not only did she have to keep her emotions in check for the sake of her mutant powers, but she was always second in command next to Cyclops. Also in the 90's cartoon she fought Callisto, and became the new leader of the Morlocks (temporarily) in one storyline.

Storm beating Callisto (90's X-Men cartoon)
Storm beating Callisto (90's X-Men cartoon)

So Storm is one of the most powerful forces on the X-Men roster...So why has she been completely screwed up in the movies?

In my opinion Storm was massively let down from the first X-Men movie back in 2000.

Storm, X-Men (2000) (Halle Berry)
Storm, X-Men (2000) (Halle Berry)

For me I think they did at least try (in a very small part) to at least get her appearance right. But it still was really bad. Mainly the hair, that wig was just stupid. Yes Storm has very long white hair. I think its kind of iconic of the actual character. But this first look was definitely not capturing that iconic took. Not at all!

Also, was it just me? Or was Storm completely pointless in the first X-Men??

She came across so weak and timid, like a wall flower. She was very quiet and seemed really shy and helpless. It was very disappointing indeed! I felt let down by this.

When the next "X" movies came out (X-Men 2 or "X2" and X-Men: The Last Stand) although Storm did seem to have some sort of personality transplant, she did seem to have a more feisty attitude. For me it just wasn't good enough. It just wasn't the Storm I new and loved, nore expected to see in the movies.

Also, that hair just kept getting shorter and shorter. With new styles and a splash of colour! Since when does Storm have really short hair!? Yes, Halle Berry might have! But that doesn't mean the character she is playing has to!

Nope, it just didn't for. Not for me...

More Halle Berry as Storm

Storm using her powers
Storm using her powers

Perhaps it is Halle's fault. Maybe the actress herself if getting it wrong. After all, she ruined Catwoman (2004) so maybe she is doing the same for the X-Men movies!

I have no idea why Storm has been changed so much over the years! To me it makes no sense.

I'm looking forward to X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) when we get the chance to see a new and younger version of Ororo Munroe/ Storm played by a different actress who will hopefully do a better job.

We should see a young Ororo Munroe/ Storm at her true self. I guess it depends on what her age will be. I'm guessing she will be a teen so we will probably get to see her just learning to deal with her powers and struggling to keep her emotions in check so her powers don't go out of control.

What do you think?

Do you agree with this, what do you think?


Do you think Halle Berry was wrong for the role of Storm?


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