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In the realm of Twilight, Stephanie Meyers creates a world very similar to our own. It’s so intriguing to readers that there could be a world within our world, and that supernatural and eternal love could be hiding right under our noses. So where in this beautiful concept did things go so horribly wrong?

The story of Twilight is one of the saddest love stories ever told. It’s a perfect romance and happily ever after that is destroyed before it even begins. Neither character has a fighting chance, because their fate is rewritten before they ever meet. The rest of the story is spent trying to fix what has been undone.

With important plot points like ‘imprinting’, in which a werewolf detects its perfect mate and is forever bound to them from that point on, soul mates and destiny play a large role. This world, so like our own, is different in the element that every fiber is predetermined: and living forever defies that.

It starts out, as all great romances do, with a boy and a girl. Bella Swan and Jacob Black are destined to fall in love.

You expected me to say Edward Cullen didn't you?

Actually, that’s not what I read at all. The characters, and even the titles, tell you that this story is not as it was originally meant to be. In this grand universe with its perfect soul mates and wonderful tales of running away together this, seemingly, ordinary girl is destined to meet an extremely hot werewolf and fall in love. As if that weren't already an interesting story, a more/equally hot vampire comes along and ruins this nice plan fate has laid out for them.

Edward Cullen was destined to die at the age of 17. His soul was not meant to exist any longer, but this plan is ruined when he is turned from a human into a vampire. He wanders the earth for one hundred years looking for someone to complete him. He finally meets Ms. Bella Swan and he realizes he has found his true love: which would be great if he hadn't jacked Jacob Black’s in the process.

Before Bella meets Jacob she is on the cusp of a story that is much greater than her current one. It’s the “Twilight of her life” and when she meets Edward for the first time her fate is sealed. She falls hopelessly in love with her soul mate. This is a problem fate didn’t expect to have to rectify as this other soul was supposed to be long dead. Alas they do meet, and when he leaves her behind she turns her attention to the man she was supposed to fall for in the first place.

Still pining for her first love, Bella has a hard time paying attention to the “New Moon” that has entered her life. She recognizes that she has feelings for this boy and that she might have been able to love him, but there is never a doubt where her true feelings lie. When Edward returns, the story that had originally been written in the stars is “Eclipsed” and Jacob is left feeling rejected and confused. He falls for his soul mate all the same, but doesn't imprint. When they kiss for the last time Bella is shown a picture of the life that had at once been in store for her. She see’s their children and all the happiness the two might have shared just before she severs the romantic tie forever.

The next and last story follows the less than happy ending that can’t be complete because fate is trying to right itself. In a quick attempt to patch things, fate destines Bella with a baby girl. Bella even admits when she is pregnant that she knows she did something wrong. The piece of her soul that was supposed to be a match for Jacob is passed into her daughter, and he is finally met with the love of his life.

It all works out happily in the end, whether you agree with it morally or not. From start to finish it’s a story about fate. It examines what happens when you cheat death, and how many lives are affected because of it. Jacob and Bella spend the entire story scrambling to help the other make the best of the life they currently have instead of the life they might have lived.


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