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Probably you heard about the famous [The Hateful Eight](movie:1216087) a new movie script straight from the pen of QT. I wrote this article to sum things up and provide information for you guys.

After the mass success of [Django Unchained](movie:202587) Quentin realized how much he likes making westerns so he decided to expand the Django Universe with a new film, "The Hateful Eight".

“I can’t talk that much about it, but I will say one thing. I haven’t told anybody about this publicly, but I will say the genre. It’s a Western. It’s not a Django sequel, but it’s another Western. I had so much fun doing Django and I love westerns so much, that after I taught myself how to make one, it’s like ‘OK, now let me make another one now that I know what I’m doing.’”

Said Tarantino in an Interview with Jay Leno.

He kept the movie under the radar as much as he could, he only gave out the script to three actors, Michael Madsen, Bruce Dern, Tim Rothand, and their agents. Apperently one of the agents passed the script to a friend of his who thought it would be good to spread it out in Hollywood, and soon all we knew was that Tarantino's script was leaked all over the place.

"I gave it to six motherfucking people!"

Tarantino said that after this he has no interest in this script anymore.

As I was chatting with some of my friends who are positioned very high above me in the Hollywood food chain, told me that they have the script. I wanted to read it. I wanted to know how a real Tarantino early draft is like. Since he won't be directing the movie anyway I wanted to read it and enjoy it.

Here is a bit of a heads-up for you guys:

The script is an ensemble Western with obvious parts for Madsen and Dern, as well as Tarantino stalwarts like Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz. Jackson and Madsen would likely both play bounty hunters returning human plunder to a town called Red Rock in exchange for hefty rewards. Their characters, a former major in the Union army and a man named John Ruth, dominate the first two of the script's five chapters.

They run into a Southerner named Chris Mannix on the road, and three of them, along with their driver — a living prisoner and three dead bounties strapped to the roof — arrive at a haberdashery to take shelter from an oncoming blizzard. Yet the proprietors, Minnie, Sweet Dave and her other colleagues, are nowhere to be found. In their place are four men, a Southern general (likely Dern), an alleged hangman, a Frenchman named Bob and a cowboy named Joe Gage.

Mistrust, coffee and violence ensue.

Those of you who wants to read the whole script, after a long and hard day of searching I found a link:

Hereby I state, that I am not by any means distributing the script, and I did not take any part in the leaking of the document. I'm merely sharing a link to a third-party web page. I am doing this completely inside the boundaries of my digital rights.


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