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It has been nearly a decade since new stories in the Star Trek universe have been produced for the small screen, but we might be getting close to a revival of this storied franchise courtesy of Netflix. At Phoenix Comicon, Star Trek author and producer Larry Nemecek has announced that CBS is in talks with Netflix to produce a new series that would air on the streaming service. Set phasers to excited.

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Update: Nemecek has posted a confutation of the original report, saying he never stated there were continuing discussions about a new Trek series on Netflix. Seemingly there have been “proposals” in the past, but as far as he knows nothing is happening right now.

So, in closing, I want to be excited for this for many reasons but chief amongst them I'm a huge Trekkie not to mention this news if it proves true could spell hope for other such franchises.

But I digress. Let me know what you think of this development whether it's fact or fiction. And, after [Star Trek Into Darkness](movie:37722), would you want to see Star Trek come back to the small screen?


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