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When you think of a teaser trailer you think of a presentation of tempting footage combined with epic music, sound effects and some type of hook for an upcoming movie or even video game.

After watching you will either not care much at all about it or be left wanting even more.

'Biomorph' without a doubt leaves you feeling like the latter.

Describing it as the best trailer ever and saying it was perfectly executed would be complete understatements.

Finding out that it was just made for the sake of attracting more students to a 3D Animation program in Denmark, is admirable as much as it is disappointing.

What we hope is that the marketing team behind this, now very much enticing 3D animation commercial, would consider making it into a full fledged feature, or at the very minimum a short film.

If they don't they'll be leaving a giant, gaping hole in the hearts of a lot of sci-fi horror fans.

Check out the Biomorph Teaser Trailer Here.


Should 'Biomorph' be made into a movie?


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