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Following the announcement last night of the next instalment in the [Tomb Raider](movie:203307) franchise, it recently got me thinking, it could seriously work on the big screen. Again.

I don’t know what the response was like for the Tomb Raider films starring Angelina Jolie, but I kind of liked them, from what I remember anyway.

The way the games are shaping up, by the trailers,they look like a cool concept for a film. If you get the right person to play Lara Croft.

Picking Lara Croft should not be hard,we have some good strong female actors out there.

If I was to cast Lara / Tomb Raider I would have to go for either:

Emily Blunt: Blunt is such a great actor from what I’ve seen in Adjustment Bureau & judging by the trailers for [Edge of Tomorrow](movie:267902), she looks like an intimidating Badass.

Could Emily Blunt be Tomb Raider?
Could Emily Blunt be Tomb Raider?

Gemma Arterton: Okay, I haven’t seen her act as much, but she looks like a good fit. She was in the sequel to Casino Royale, and whilst she didn’t stand out for me, she was okay. But what makes her a good fit for me is that she looks like Lara Croft & has an authentic British accent. (Admittedly, they're not the best reasons, but somehow I see her as Tomb Raider)

Gemma Arterton as Tomb Raider?
Gemma Arterton as Tomb Raider?

Emma Watson: Yeah I know she is a very different pick, but she’s a good actor. Maybe she was a bit annoying in Harry Potter, but still good. She’s British, kind of looks like Lara (just a tad) & she’s young, meaning you could make tons of films with her.

Could Emma Watson be Lara Croft?
Could Emma Watson be Lara Croft?

If I had to pick one on the spot it would be Blunt, without any hesitation at all.This is just my own picks & opinions.

Who would you pick? Write in with your pick below the line!


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