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After something of a debacle over creative direction at FX, Powers, based off of the original comic series by Brian Michael Bendis, has found it's home on the Playstation Network's streaming TV service. Acclaimed comic book creator Brian Michael Bendis took the stage during Sony's E3 press conference on Monday to announce the series release on PSN in December, leading Sony's new efforts to bring streaming television to consoles against competitors such as Netflix and Hulu.

The story, by Bendis and Michael Avon Deming, follows two homicide detectives assigned to investigate cases involving people with superhuman powers. Back in 2011, the series was slated to air on FX with a full pilot shot, before it was canned over stated creative differences. On stage at E3, Bendis seemed highly enthused about the series, which falls in line with other comic-centric series on streaming platforms such as the upcoming Daredevil series from Marvel.

Along with Bendis, the creative team is composed of seasoned players such as Remi Aubuchon ( [Falling Skies](series:755885) ) and renowned crime novelist, Charlie Huston. More updates such as changes in casting are expected throughout summer.

While not a well-known title, Powers takes on a rare form of storytelling as a crime drama with superpowers - something that [DC](channel:932255) comics has taken on with their title GCPD (which, for some reason, wasn't chosen over a series pitch like [Gotham](series:1127075)).

Something interesting to note is that Sony's direct rival within the gaming space, Microsoft, plans on airing it's own original series based on their popular Halo franchise, titled Halo Nightfall. On mobile and online, YouTube original shows such as Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist are also at the height of popularity. It's no surprise that new players to the TV game such as Bendis' self-published comic series are taking the same route that's proven to be highly successful for their peers within the geekspace, such as The Guild.

Do you think Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services are giving TV a run for its' money these days?

Powers kicks off this December on the Playstation Network - the first episode will be free for all Playstation Network users, while the full series will be available for all PS Plus users.


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