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As we all know, for about the last year there have been a lot of new science fiction films coming out, but of all the sci-fi films I have seen recently Edge of Tomorrow has to be one of the, if not the best, science fiction film out. Although the trailer did an overly impressive job of summing this movie up; making it very predictable and otherwise not a very deep film; It is much more intelligent than I think anyone expected it to be.

I did have my doubts about it at first and like others have said, it does sort of resemble a Groundhog Day/Starship Troopers mash-up, but never the less I found it very good.

Edge of Tomorrow is based on the novel "All You Need Is Kill" by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, and it seems that those who knew the book were not to upset with the movie. In fact most everybody seemed to love the film. It already has a 8.2 and not to mention a killer soundtrack!

Tom Cruise is always great in these sort of roles as sci-fi hero, but I was pleased that we did not choke on is cool, as seen in most movies. Usually the fact that he is the "oh so amazing hero" that everyone needs is shoved in our faces, but in this film we even get to watch as Cruise is teased and of course dies repeatedly. Not to mention he starts off not knowing anything about combat. This film also does a great job at not getting hurt by the fact that we see the same events repeated over and over again. Actually, Doug Lyman makes very good use of this Reset button, allowing for some well-placed humorous moments. I was even delighted to see some of the same scenes repeated again but with some slight humorous differences.

Emily Blunt is a total badass as her role of Rita, and I liked her character very much when usually I am bored of the cliche sexy, hardcore female character.

Speaking of cliches... I do feel like the movie would have been even better if they did not have to incorporate another damn love plot. Haven't we all grown sick and tired of the two protagonists having to fall in love? This is not a damn romance movie. Cage could have had deep emotional feelings for Rita that would have been fine, but the kiss scene at the end is unnecessary. Romance between characters is not necessary for a syfy action flick to be good. it was great without that kiss at the end! The other thing is I do believe that the movie would have been just as great without Cage and Rita living in the end. That part does not necessarily bother me, but I do believe the film would have been just as good without it.

As for the action sequences, they are good, but they don't really stand out in a industry currently very overcrowded with explosion-filled movies like this one. Good, but not the best.

I must say though, I did really love this film and I am very glad it was not a disappointment for me. I was especially into it towards the end when it was a predictable film but yet I found myself excited and scared for the characters, and I was wishing very much for them to prevail. We have all seen a lot of alien movies, but I did think these were some of the most interesting aliens I have seen yet. I would give this film an 8 out of 10 and I consider it one that every sci-fi lover should most certainly see this summer.


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