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I'm not sure how I feel about confronting a "Naziploitation" movie this early in my journey, but like it or not... it happened.

  • The Beast in Heat (1977)

AKA: SS Hell Camp, SS Experiment Camp 2... though I don't know if this means it was the second movie or the second camp. I pray to godzilla it's the latter.

Dir: Luigi Batzella

What can you really say about a film that focuses on a Nazi experiment that results in the creation of a half man/half beast in a near constant state of arousal that is used to rape prisoners of the SS into submission? Could you be offended? Easily. But I think it's probably easier to watch this video nasty curio and experience it as I did... laughing your ass off the entire time because it is so utterly ridiculous; any other reaction is really a waste of good rage.

Vaguely racist or epically racist? You be the judge
Vaguely racist or epically racist? You be the judge

The laughs began early in The Beast in Heat, mostly because the dubbing is so totally awful. There are basically two sets of people in this movie: either the dubbing is done by people who sound like extras from the set of Justified, or they sound like they learned their German accents by watching Arte Johnson on Laugh In.

And then there are the scenes of violence... I could say they are not for the squeamish, but I was left rolling my eyes 90% of the time. The "beast" ripping off and eating pubic hair? Uh-huh. A woman being eaten alive by guinea pigs standing in as rats? Right. A spectacularly fake baby being thrown in the air and used as target practice? Unnecessary AND lame. None of it looked real enough to be horrifying or faux enough to be laughable, which just left me in that sad realm of wondering, "why bother?"

Yup. That happened ALL the damn time.
Yup. That happened ALL the damn time.

And then this video nasty committed the cardinal sin of running a solid half hour too long. I've already discovered that the most successful exploitation films are the ones that know when to quit, and The Beast in Heat just wouldn't let up. This movie has the distinction of not only remaining banned in several countries, but actually costing those who wish to own it a stupid amount of money. And when I say stupid, I mean a bootleg copy of the VHS from Japan that is likely in horrible condition ALONE going for $70. But is it worth it?

If you like Nazi lesbians, maybe?
If you like Nazi lesbians, maybe?

No. Unless you are an avid collector of these movies, The Beast in Heat is fairly slow going with a few scenes that may amuse only the most obsessive gore-hounds. Otherwise, just skip it.

Best Kill: I'd say Lady Frankenstein getting copulated to death by her own monster, except some villagers ended up shooting her. So there really were no kills that stood out for me.

Video Nasty Rating: 1 1/2 Finger-Wagging Politicians out of 5

Up Next: Lucio Fulci's masterpiece, The Beyond (1981)! This will be a repeat viewing for me, but one I am actually looking forward to...

Have you ever seen The Beast in Heat? What about the "naziploitation" genre in general? Let me know in the comments!


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