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Atit Rijal

Let me start with a small description of the actor: Michael Pitt is awesome! There you have it, if you have not watched Hannibal season 2 then start watching it right now, for you will see the person with the greatest potential and talent to play the clown prince of crime.

Michael Pitt ([Boardwalk Empire](series:200674)) as Mason Verger in the [Hannibal](series:721010) TV series's Season 2 was awesome, his laughs, his talks, the way he makes his faces, the sadistic look, that creepy persona; he has got everything the Joker's character demands.

Just watch the video, you will find out for yourself, why he can be a great potential for the character. and oh yes, the visual may be disturbing for some audiences and well spoilers for Hannibal fans if you have not watched the recent season yet!

So what do you think? Are you convinced that Michael Pitt ca be the right man for the Joker - maybe even as soon as Batman vs Superman - or do you have someone else in mind? Write in with your thoughts below the line!


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