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Isaac Nezahualcoyotl Ochoa

From the moment the picture of Ben Affleck in the Batman suit came out, I could not stop geeking out over it. Quickly, I went online to gaze at HD and cleared up photos of it. Soon, I noticed something that has been bugging me ever since. It was one of those, "is that what I think it is...?" moments.

To the left of Batman, you can kinda see an object that almost resembles a Joker figure - I circled it in red to make it more obvious.

Now, am I crazy? I urge people who are reading this to go look at the original photos and tell me what they think. Nobody has really pointed it out online, which I find surprising.

However, if it is intentional, think of the implications.

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We already know this is gonna be a 'seasoned' Batman, so it's no surprise he's fought his fair share of villains. Not only that, but Batman is a whole franchise of his own. From the streets and people of Gotham to some of the most notorious super villains in DC, the Batman label carries a world of it's own, a world we will see clash right into [Man of Steel](movie:15593)'s. So it should not be of any surprise that we see some of that world in the upcoming movie.

But to include it in this premier picture of [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)? That just makes it seem like the Joker was (and likely still is) a very heavy influence on this Batman we're getting. I also heard a lot of people commenting about how the entire mood and aesthetic of the picture can be indicative of the type of character this batman will be; that he'll carry a much more somber tone, dark, and maybe even tormented. Well same goes for that little piece of Joker there. If you look closely, it looks very sinister and deranged.

Just by looking at it, I can smell a newer version of the Joker.

My guess is that he'll be alarmingly devious and more maniacal than previous incarnations. One that will haunt Batman for a long time.


So what do you think? Am I tripping or is that a Joker easter egg?


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