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Okay, so we could've guessed that the fight between humans and giant pre-historic creatures would be the high point of Colin Trevorrow's fourth installment of the revived Jurassic Park franchise...

But will Jurassic World be offering its guests Pterodactyl rodeo rides? That's what one Twitter user seems to be claiming. See for yourselves:

This seems a little bit crazy...even for a movie about a theme park with real dinosaurs...even for my standards.

That said, at this point, I'm not going to discount anything. Plus, if THAT could happen, just imagine what other amusements we could be seeing in Jurassic World...

Velociraptor Jelly Wrestling

Imagine combining THIS GREEN STUFF

With a couple of THESE


Jello wrestling is a fine continuation of an ancient tradition and should not be exclusive to hot women in bikinis.


Dilophosaurus Face Painting

Load up the dino's saliva glands with all kinds of pretty face-paints... Annoy said dinosaur... Sit back and relax while dino spits it all out into a Jackson Pollock on your child's face. Optional de-venoming of dino also optional, depending on brattiness of children.


Brontosaurus Slides

You'd climb to the top of a tree, grab friendly ol' Bronto round the chops, and simply sliiiiiiiide all the way down his neck.

Definitely make sure he doesn't have a cold, though...


T-Rex Teddy Pickers

Ahh, the claw crane. Best money-making scam since penis enlargement pills. Now imagine making the cranes that teensy bit more exciting by having to lower an angry, harnessed, 15,000lbs dinosaur with absurdly small arms and massive teeth to catch that stuffed toy for you...


Well, at least this lot wouldn't be as ridiculous as Pterodactyl rodeo!


Which dinosaur theme park amusement do you want to see in Jurassic World?

(Source: GiantFreakinRobot)


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