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Now despite all the talk of an upcoming Power Rangers feature film, I don't think anyone really expected to see much in the way of footage for at least a year or so.

Sometimes, though, a trailer comes along that can still surprise even the most hardened of journalistic hearts - and this, just below, is one such video:

Just... I mean... Words...

That's just an overflowing fount of head exploding video right there.

Bieber! Spider-Man! Maleficent! Jennifer Lawrence! A Will Smith clone sent from the future to destroy us all!*

And, of course, Ryan Gosling. Because honestly, without him at the film's core, the entire operation would fall apart. He's clearly the heart and soul of the team.

I would at this point pay a really large amount of money to see the film as is - if only to see what on earth it would look like with an actual budget. Can someone start a Kickstarter, ASAP?

[Power Rangers](movie:1408875) is yet to receive an official release date - but you can follow it here for all the news you might ever want or need.

*Note, Jaden Smith is probably not a clone of Will Smith sent from the future to destroy us all. But you never do know.


Which of the Power Rangers 'stars' would you most like to see in the final movie?



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