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The Vampire Diaries hunk Ian Somerhalder has injured himself on a flight to Shanghai, but before you start weeping and hyperventilating, it's not serious!

Somerhalder somehow managed to gash his hand pretty severely when he was airborne, which is quite an achievement. How did he manage it?! I know peeling open the in flight meals can be challenging, but surely a buff bloke like Ian wouldn't be defeated by mere foil? Maybe a rogue plastic fork is to blame? Or an epic sick bag paper cut?

Check out the nasty little cut below;

Ian Somerhalder made a trip to the emergency room to recieve proper medical attention for the wound. As usual, the sunshiney star oozed kindness and gratitude to the staff at his hotel for giving him a warm welcome after a traumatic flight.

One things for sure, I would definitely tend Ian's wounds. No payment required. Except, maybe one of those signature smirks of course!

How do you think Ian Somerhalder managed to cut himself on a flight?


What vicious implement injured our beloved Ian Somerhalder?!

(Source: Just Jared)

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