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When Jupiter Ascending was delayed earlier this month, the official reason delivered by Warner Bros. was that more time was needed to finish the revolutionary special effects the Wachowski duo had planned for the sci-fi adventure.

However, more recent news suggests that although this might be partly the case, as there is also some serious business talk going on behind the scenes. Originally, Warner had planned to release The Matrix Trilogy directors' newest film as part of their summer blockbuster slate but now it seems that Warner Bros. do not want to suffer two potential loses in the same quarter.

This month saw Warner releasing another sci-fi action flick, [Edge of Tomorrow](movie:267902), and although the critical response has been largely positive (I've seen it and it is incredible), the Tom Cruise staring movie will have to fight hard to make a profit during its theatrical run. It opened second in its first week, behind The Fault in Our Stars, and so far has collected $130 million globally, falling short of its $178 million budget. Apparently, even before its release Warner Bros. were already concerned with its tracking among their target demographics.

It seemed it was too late for Warner to delay the release of Edge of Tomorrow, so instead they decided to shift [Jupiter Ascending](movie:267863) from its July 18 slot to the graveyard shift of February 6th, 2015. This period is certainly much less competitive than the summer season, with only the Johnny Depp thriller [Mortdecai](movie:1040482), the long-delayed [The Seventh Son](movie:45869) and [SpongeBob SquarePants 2](movie:575700) going up against it.

Of course, this certainly doesn't bode well for Jupiter Ascending, although it has to be said, studio cold feet does not necessarily equate to a bad movie. As I said above, Warner were concerned about Edge of Tomorrow, but that movie actually turned out pretty great. Once again this is just an example of business brains trying to second guess the decisions of their customers.

What do you think? Does this news make you less likely to see Jupiter Ascending?


Will you still be seeing Jupiter Ascending in February?

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