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Kit Simpson Browne


If you grew up in the 90s, that one word most likely conjures up hours spent roaming dungeons, desperately trying to protect the earth from invading demons. If you didn't, it most likely conjures it up anyway.

That's how big a deal Doom is.

So, when Bethesda release a new teaser trailer for the next installment in the series, it tends to turn otherwise sensible grown adults into barely-coherent puddles of over-excitement. And that's before we even mention the new Cyber Demon.

Cue just such a trailer:

Yup. That's a cyber demon alright. An unholy fusion of demonic forces and high-tech weaponry. You might not want to meet it down a dark alleyway, but...actually, you wouldn't want to meet it anywhere. It would 100% kill you, and 50/50 eat you afterwards.

The trailer, however, also reveals that...more will soon be revealed. More specifically, at Quakecon 2014. So there's thankfully less than two months to wait to find out more.


What do you guys think? Pumped for the new Doom?



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