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Sometimes, silence can say a thousand words, and shout as loudly as a rooftop-dwelling howler monkey (which, I can tell you, you really don't want moving in next door - they never lend you any sugar).

When someone has had their heart broken - especially in public - this is doubly true. Whether they are still suffering, stewing with dreams of vengeance, or just tired of having to deal with the situation, there are a lot of roads that can lead to the silent treatment.

In the case of Robert Pattinson, though - what does his recent unwillingness to talk about his ex mean? Kristen Stewart has been a major part of his life for years - both for better and for worse - and is currently enjoying a career renaissance very much similar to his own.

The two have more in common than almost anyone on the planet - and yet he has nothing to say in the press in answer to questions over whether they're once again dating?

The question is - does that say something about his and Kristen's relationship - or about how he feels the press have treated the two of them?

That's a mystery we may not solve for a while yet.


Rob's silence: what is it saying?

via The Daily Mail


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