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It seems the budding bromance between Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill could be raising to levels that could even rival the relationship between This Is The End costars Seth Rogan and James Franco.

Apparently, the [22 Jump Street](movie:434853) duo decided to make a bet in which the loser would have to kiss the other one... on their dick.

Tatum explained on Conan recently:

Opening weekend, if your movie breaks $30 million, you've had a very good weekend. Jonah thought that [21 Jump Street] would just break 30, and I thought that it was going to break 35, and he said, ‘If it breaks 35, then I will kiss the tip of your dick'.

Hill quickly jumped in to correct:

Over the boxers. I'd say that's a key piece of fabric for the story.

So, how did 21 Jump Street fair at the box office? Well, it made 36 million in its debut weekend meaning under the laws of not being a loser deal-breaker, Hill must carry out his aforementioned pledge. However, the 30 year old star has reneged on his promise. Tatum continued:

It hasn't happened yet. I have given him the opportunity to double down on it.

However, it seems Jonah Hill might have a get out clause in the shape of Channing Tatum's wife. He told GQ magazine last month:

I'd have to clear it with Jenna [Dewan Tatum]. There are all sorts of loopholes that have to be taken into consideration.

But that doesn't mean Tatum doesn't have a cunning plan to get what he's owed. He explains:

Maybe, on a drunk night when we're all being crazy and hopefully, knock on wood, 22 Jump Street works out and people love it, maybe out of the elation of that event in our lives I might call in the bet.

So, if you want to see this intimate bet become a reality, make sure you check out [22 Jump Street](movie:434853) from June 13th!


Should Jonah Hill just man up and do the bet?

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