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Miley Cyrus certainly isn't the type to hold back. This former Disney star clearly likes to let her grudges hang out for all to see... Much like her infamous yeasty tongue.

While performing on her Bangerz tour in Milan on Sunday, Miley Cyrus spotted a fan waving an unflattering cardboard cut out of Selena Gomez. Instead of ignoring the swolen cankled effigy, Cyrus did what any sane person would do and plucked it out of the audience to sing to it. Like you do.

Cyrus' song of choice wasn't a sweet lullaby or even the somehow appropriate 'Just Like You', instead she went in like a wrecking ball (sorry) and wailed 'FU' to the horrifying intimate object.

Check out the photos for yourself below;

I think it's time to step away from the bong now, Miley!

Also, Milan might want to get the police onto this because whoever made that horrendous thing must be a serial killer. Fact.

What do you think about Miley Cyrus dissing Selena Gomez on stage?


Miley's Selena diss was...

(Source: TMZ)

(Images: High Snobriety)


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