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The first footage from David Ayer's [Fury](movie:866294) has arrived online. The video explains that they are shooting the film with a very classic approach using film and Anamorphic lenses. This essentially is how the classics like The Godfather, Apocalypse Now and Gone With the Wind were shot; essentially large canvas, confident images with less cutting for drama. It's relatively rare to shoot that way these days but Tarantino and some others still swear by it. The footage from Fury looks great so far and, coupled with the fact they are shooting on film, I think this one will be a movie worth catching at the theater.

Check out the clip below:

I have to say that I think this looks great. Even just the colors from the images in this video look very rich. There are tones of both Apocalypse Now and Saving Private Ryan in here and perhaps one of the things I like the look of most is the practical action that's being used.

Fury follows a small tank unit at the end of WWII as they make a brave choice to go behind enemy lines alone to attack one of the last weak points of the German offensive. Attracting such actors as Brad Pitt, Jason Isaacs and Michael Peña this is shaping up to be a quality piece from all sides .

Does Fury look good?



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