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So, as a Farscape fan that has watched and re-watched the series multiple times, I was over the moon when I heard about the news for a new movie, but the idea of John and Aeryn coming back to Earth for their son with special powers was not very appealing.

So, my inquisitive mind went all over the place, since I still have many questions about some of the aliens that featured the show. Unfortunately I never got the possibility of reading the comics, since where I come from that piece of art is forgotten, or left out in the past few decades. With that said, everything in this article is based solely on the Farscape series and the mini series. Here are some of the questions that still bother me, 15 years after the airing of the first episode of one of the best science fiction show ever made:

1. The Human - Sebacean - Interin link

There is an explanation for the link between Humans and Sebaceans (Eidolon genetic engineering) but how do the Interions fit in to the equation? Are they the next level of evolution, from Sebaceans to an even more civilized species? If this is so, did some unknown race also alter their DNA, or did they simply evolve on their own?

2. Skreeth?

What the frell is this creature? Is there a planet out there, full of these chameleons with telepathic powers? If so, how do they fit in, in the power balance between the two leading races? Was there a secret Peacekeeper unit in charge of recruiting new, unconventional creatures in order to spy on other races? It definitely added even more depth to Peacekeeper operations.

3. Maldis

Where to even start, the only one (besides Harvey) that seemed to comprehend Earth and its culture without actually stepping a foot on it. I loved the mysticism mingled with the alien technology, not only trough Zhaan, but trough an evil being human society can actually relate to (the dark side of vampires). Was he ever mortal? How many races had he destroyed to reach non corporeal form, and gain the ability of matter manipulation? How did he reform, after being dispersed the first time? And, finally was he really destroyed at the end?

4. The Nebari plot

We know what their plans were - taking over a big chunk of the galaxy with help of a virus, and that they really like messing with people's heads. And that's about it, no details about the vessel that destroyed the most feared command carrier - The Zelbinion. Their world remained unexplored, they gave us bits and peaces but never the full picture.

5. Eidolons, what exactly happened 12 000 cycles ago?

This is one thing I want to know more than anything else, who were the enemies of a race capable of ending any war? Two races come to mind, since it is about a time before peacekeeperdom, the Teloks and the Veneks (Peacekeepers did exist in their time, but considering the fact they were in Peacekeeper history books, they must have been around for a long while). And off coarse, one other still existing race, with the technological abilities to sever an entire planet's population with a single device - the Hynerians.

6. Baniks

So, Stark's race got enslaved pretty much by everyone, why? Were they the suckers of the universe, or did the Scarrans and Peacekeepers need them for target practice? Well, not all of them were Stykeras and clearly they were in touch with the Ancients (Delik and his theory of center halos) so it is safe to say they were literate, but presumably not prompt to violence. Why were they enslaved if all they did was study?

With that said, I would appreciate a Farscape story line that explains at least one of my questions, instead of raising even more new ones in a clumsy attempt of passing the story line to a new generation.


Do you think they covered all their basis, or are there still many loose ends?


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