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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
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Artist Nebezial (Stjepan Sejic) from DeviantART is probably the king of witty, hilarious and corny jokes about superheroes or popular fictional characters. He's an amazing artist with his own unique style that leaves you wanting more! I'm here today to show you some of Nebezial's goofy doodles of popular DC and Marvel characters.

I hope you enjoy!

1.) Aliens, I told you they were real! (If you don't get the joke check out the original meme - ALIENS!!!!

2.) I'm the CRAZY one! Not you...

3.) Batman in the summer time (gross)!

4.) The truth is... I'm actually a fairy, Joker.

5.) A cheesy joke, but a good chuckle..

6.) Poor Wonder Woman and Big Barda.

7.) Keepin' it REAL!

8.) Dude Talk. (One of my favorites)

9.) I don't like Summer that much.... It's so HOT outside! (click here to see it more clearly)

10.) Aww, you two are just adorable. (clearer image here)

11.) Just Science! (A conversation between the artist and his wife thinking of absurd reasons why a lot of female characters wear revealing outfits. Don't take this seriously...) If you can't read it - click here.

12.) Let a man breath!

13.) Pretty much every Wolverine movie.. I mean X-Men!

14.) Rogue..

15.) Billy's a man!

16.) You got a purdy mouth.

17.) We don't hate you Batman, but you're annoying sometimes.

18.) Ahh, fond memories with the team. TAP!


20.) Death by SNU SNU! (If you don't get this joke watch this Futurama episode)

(Source: Nebezial)


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