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Who will win? You decide!


  • NO biased votes.
  • NO multiverse versions of that character or ridiculous power boosts.
  • Each fight will take place in a "super" Colosseum (they can not escape or receive any outside help).
  • There's no such thing as "morals" in these fights.
  • Fight to the death.. Who ever lives fights the next opponent.
  • If there are two women from the same comic book company left.. They still fight each other.
  • They can only use their traditional weapons.
  • There will be 3 fights per an article.
  • In these fights we don't care about weaknesses... Only strengths!
  • DON'T whine about an "unfair" match up or about your favorite character not winning. Nobody likes a crybaby.

First Match:

Big Barda vs She-Hulk

Big Barda (DC) -

  • Bred for battle on the hellish world Apokolips.
  • Was once part of Darkseid's personal guard: 'The Female Furies'.
  • One of the world's greatest warriors and leaders.
  • Member of the Justice League.
  • New God (Immortal/forever youthful).
  • One of the strongest women in the DC Universe.
  • Can easily lift well over 100 tons.
  • In the same strength class as Wonder Woman.
  • Highly durable.
  • Virtually indestructible and nearly bulletproof.
  • Traditional weapons/tools (Aero discs that allow her to fly, Apokaliptian armor which enhances her durability, and her Mega-Rod [insert sexual joke here] that allows her to shoot powerful concussive blasts or use it as a club. In this fight she can not use the Mega-Rod to teleport, she must fight to the DEATH!

She-Hulk (Marvel) -

  • Very intelligent (went to law school and Marvel University).
  • Highly trained in hand to hand combat and some martial arts training.
  • Similar powers like her cousin (The Hulk).
  • Grows stronger as she gets angrier.
  • She can change at will and still keep her intelligence.
  • Lift more than 100 tons with ease.
  • Pretty fast healing.
  • Impervious to a lot of physical attacks.
  • Trained by Captain America in hand to hand combat.

Height & Weight: Big Barda is 7ft tall and 197 - 215lbs. She-Hulk is 6ft 7 inches -7ft tall and 700lbs.



Second Match:

Ms. Marvel vs Wonder Woman

Ms. Marvel (Marvel) -

  • One of Marvel's most powerful and prominent heroes.
  • Potential to harness complete cosmic power if pushed hard enough.
  • She will not be allowed to be Binary.
  • Can lift over 75 to 92 tons with ease.
  • Very fast - She can reach up to Mach-3 (and speed blitz).
  • Superhuman acrobatics and reflexes.
  • Fight 24 hours straight with max power and without tiring.
  • The ability to fly
  • Invulnerability - Can take tremendous punishment without getting a scratch, bullets bounce off her skin, powerful ammunition like rockets, bombs or mortar shells can slightly damage her.
  • She can withstand blows from stronger opponents unless they continuously and repeatedly hit her in the same spots.. Eventually she'll wear her down.
  • Energy attacks don't harm her, but make her stronger!
  • Generate powerful photon blasts, stronger than Iron Man's full-strength repulsor blasts.
  • Extreme healing and regenerating factors (survived a nuclear explosion and attacks of similar magnitude within hours).
  • Seventh Sense - Recognizing danger before it happens (similar to spider-sense).
  • Advance military training and Kree warrior skills (DANGEROUS hand-to-hand combatant).

Wonder Woman (DC) -

  • One of twin daughters (twin sister is Nubia) of Queen Hippolyte on Paradise Island to a race of Amazonian female warriors.
  • Diana is a princess, champion, an ambassador, a warrior and a superhero for the Justice League.
  • Powers of the Greek Gods.
  • One of the most powerful superheroes in the DC universe.
  • Super strength that's close to Superman's class (debatable).
  • Super speed of the God Hermes (she can keep up with Flash plus speed blitz).
  • Invulnerability - Immune to radiation,coldness of outer space, she also resistance against fire and high temperatures, even take superman's heat vision, but she can be vulnerable against piercing weapons.
  • Fight for hours with little to no rest, food or water and hold her breath under water for hours.
  • Fly at hyper-sonic speeds able to keep up with Superman!
  • Fantastic healing abilities - her body heals from any injury instantly without scarring.
  • Great tactician and wisdom that's higher then the average human.
  • More knowledge due to years alive.
  • Enhanced senses.
  • Trained in a variety of martial arts, a master of unarmed and armed combat (very DEADLY WOMAN).
  • Traditional weapons/tools (Lass of Truth, Bracelets of Victory and Royal Tiara are the only weapons she can use).

Height & Weight: Ms. Marvel is 5ft 11inches and 124lbs. Wonder Woman is 6ft and 130lbs.



Final Match

Raven vs Storm

Raven (DC) -

  • Member of the Teen Titans
  • Half demon/human.
  • Large array of unknown powers.
  • Soul-Self/Astral Projection - separate her soul from her body. (Unfortunately for her she can't travel to another dimension during the fight)!
  • She can predict the future.
  • She can fly or as a soul.
  • Magic - firing balls of fire from her cloak, demonic spells, and electric blasts.
  • Decent hand-to-hand combat.
  • If pushed hard enough in a fight we might see Dark Raven.
  • Rapid healing, but she cannot easily heal grave injuries.
  • She is allowed to teleport - Only in the colosseum.
  • Create fear based illusions and pain.
  • Manipulate energy.
  • Powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities (fueled by her emotions).

Storm (Marvel) -

  • Descendant of an ancient royal line of white-haired, blue-eyed sorceresses who get their defining features every five generations.
  • Powers to manipulate the powerful forces and elements that pattern the weather.
  • Veteran X-Men member and leader.
  • Sculptress - She can control and master all things weather/climate related.
  • Her powers are tied to her emotions, she is completely in-tune with her and the environment.
  • Air and Pressure Manipulation - Ability to control/shape the very air, allowing Storm to produce various air effects and wind forces, including that which are not natural to our planet.
  • Her control over air is so POWERFUL that she can manipulate the air in a person's lungs!
  • She can generate pressure sufficient to destroy or deflect solid objects, including blowing through the top of a mountain, causing buildings to explode.
  • Manipulate the air pressure in the human body (such as the inner ear of the Black Panther)
  • Lightning - Unlike "normal" lightning bolts Storm can use them at will and change the intensity of each bolt.
  • She can also create other electrical atmospheric phenomena, including electromagnetic pulses, generate her own electrical, electromagnetic, ionization, and electrolysis fields, and can shape her lightning.
  • Storm is able to generate her own bio-electric lightning bolts from her body through her mutant metabolism.
  • Manipulate Moisture..enough said.
  • Temperature - she can lower or turn up the atmospheric temperatures.
  • Adapt to any environment and resistance to extreme temperatures.
  • Fantastic hand-to-hand combatant (trained by Achmed El-Gibar, Black Panther in her youth, extensively trained with all weapons and trained by Wolverine.
  • Very hard to attack Storm, telepathically.

Height & Weight - Raven is 5ft 10inches and 110lbs and Storm is 5ft 11inches and 145lbs.



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Guess who..

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