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Henry Yuan

Wes Anderson. Wow. The Grand Budapest Hotel is a sensational film that is definitely a modern classic. It is a romance, a crime movie, a comedy, a prison break, and a social commentary, it is amazing. From the intricate details and bright pallet of each setting and scene to the witty and mesmerising dialogue, Wes Anderson had me wanting more and more throughout the whole film.

The film is in fact a story within a story within a story, and jumps to different layers at various moments in the film. Anderson manages to juggle all the incongruent threads in a way that is both sophisticated and breathtaking. The rigid shooting style along with the pop up children book visual style really supported the comic and playful stylings of the film.

What I love most about this film is its energy. There is always something going on whether it is snappy dialogue or a chase, Anderson just kept the content coming. Ralph Fiennes is amazing as Monsier Gustave H, I could picture no one else doing as good a job as he did. He embraces the essence of Gustave H, stretching to both ends of the spectrum; he is both graceful and vulgar, charming and senseless, composed and vehement. Fiennes captures this immaculate character and shows the audience his humanness through fine detail. However his role would not have been as impactful with the help of his trusty sidekick Zero, played by Tony Revolori. Their chemistry and timing allowed the relationship of Zero and Gustave to blossom into a dynamic duo. Of course there was an abundance of supporting performances and cameos from an undeniably all-star cast: Edward Norton, Adrien Brody, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Lea Seydoux, Harvey Keitel, Jeff Goldblum, Mathieu Amalric, Saoirse Ronan and Jason Schwartzman which simply added to the fun!

This film had it all, from laughter to heartbreak and will be a movie I will watch over time and time again. With beautiful cinematography and superb writing this film will be a classic in the future. It definitely is a must watch.


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