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Jillian Leff

Guys, I have a want. More of a need than a want.

I need a female superhero movie.

Don't get me wrong, I love The Avengers, X-Men, Batman, the whole nine yards. But female superheroes are massively underrepresented in the superhero movie genre as a whole.

I will say, there has been some progression. We've gone from seeing more love interest/sidekick (MJ in the Spiderman trilogy, Pepper in the first two Iron Man movies) to being a respected member of the team (Black Widow, Jean Grey (who has been around longer, but you know what I mean)

But it's time!

I'm sure everyone is in agreement that we could all watch Scarlett Johansson kick some major ass for two hours in a Black Widow movie. And yeah, it's been kinda-sort-of confirmed, but I won't believe it until it's in production.

But how about an X-Men Origins that isn't Wolverine? What about Storm? Rogue? Kitty Pryde?

And come on DC, when is Wonder Woman going to happen? Don't give me that Justice League stuff that is your version of The Avengers because you've been apparently taking a nap for the last 5 years.

Women can kick ass too. It's time it was on a big screen.


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