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Recently, Secret Cinema announced plans to rebuild the entire town of Hill Valley from Back to the Future for a unique, guerrilla-style screening series of the original trilogy. Awesome, right? The event sold 42,000 tickets in a record-breaking four hours, leaving organizers only one decision: extend the run. If you missed out on the first batch of tickets, have no fear. They've just added more dates, so now is the time to act and book yours here!

The town's recreation doesn't stop as just set pieces: audience members will find themselves immersed as residents of Hill Valley across time -- from 1955 to (a fictional) 2015 -- via secret passageways hidden throughout the town. That's right: actual movie-based time travel. The production boasts not only the town of Hill Valley, but the DeLorean itself for your everyday time-travel needs.

Billed as the largest live cinema event ever staged in the world, Secret Cinema presents Back to the Future will run from July 24th to August 10th, and return for a second run from August 14th through August 30th in a 'secret London location'.

This just begs the question: When are they coming to the U.S. with this??


Are you definitely jealous you don't live in the UK now?


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