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Why does the internet have such a fascination with Arrow’s Felicity Smoak? She’s beautiful, of course, but so is Thea Queen. She’s intelligent and self sufficient, but so is Laurel Lance. She’s fearless and strong willed, but so is Moira Queen. What is it about everyones favorite “bitch with wifi” that has girls lining up by the thousands to admire her?

It’s because Felicity is real. FINALLY we found a smart and beautiful geeky girl. Not the typical sweatshirt wearing, socially awkward girls who hiss at the sight of normal makeup or a pair of heels. My heart decided it would never be swayed when The Huntress/Helena tied Felicity up, and the first thing you see is her wonderful pink shoes with pandas on them.

  • She loves color and fashion. It's refreshing in a culture that grew up somewhat judgmental of women who cared, even a little, about superficial things. Any child of the 90's remembers women being depicted as silly fashionistas that cared about nothing else. Felicity doesn't shriek at a broken nail or run away at the sight of pink. She's well balanced. When we see her dressed up it’s not an amazing revelation that she was pretty all along, but rather it’s interesting to see her relaxing and enjoying herself. She’s usually depicted with a spine of steel as she keeps a level head and follows Green Arrow/Oliver step by step on his missions.
  • She's feisty. Oliver doesn't stand a chance when she uses her "loud voice" and tells him exactly what she thinks. She's got a lot to stay and is brilliant in her delivery.
  • She notices Oliver is hot. :Gasp: That is usually a TV no no. You can't dare acknowledge the number of unusually attractive people in one place, but there's Felicity proudly watching Oliver workout.

  • She had a life before her current one. She makes a remark to John Diggle about a lacrosse player that used to stalk her in college. (Cause let's be honest: just because Oliver is too distracted doesn't mean other men are. She's F$%&ing beautiful.)
  • She’s also insecure. How is beyond me, but she doesn’t even see herself as a viable option for Oliver. She knows he loves Laurel and doesn’t let herself hope. Felicity respects herself too much to wait around for a day that might never come.

I knew from the beginning that Green Arrow/Oliver and Black Canary/Dinah were married in the comics. As a geek I respected that and did my best to enjoy what I was being offered between the two. Then everything changed. When Barry Allen set his cap for her she seemed all for it. So much so that she completely ignored the jealousy Mr. Queen was showing for three full episodes.

Felicity Smoak gave me, and other girls just like me, the courage to cheer for the less obvious choice. The fans, and the amazing acting of Emily Bett Rickards, have altered the world of Green Arrow. We’ve convinced the writers that she’s worth it, and I think every time we do, we convince ourselves that we are too. If we can do that, anything is possible, don’t you think?

Felicity's Panada Shoes :)
Felicity's Panada Shoes :)

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