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As I sit here in my Star Wars shirt I have to contain my gleeful little girl excitement but that's really, really hard to do since the good ol' fellas at ShmoesKnows are reporting that beloved screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan has already written a script for a solo Boba Fett film! IT IS ALREADY GETTING DONE, GUYS... I mean... Allegedly and all.

Boba Fett is the infamous, laser-gun slinging silent bounty hunter in charge of tracking down intergalactic criminals and bringing them to starry justice - so, pretty much, his life story is meant to be a movie already and I am so there.

Kasdan also worked on "The Empire Strikes Back", which just so happens to be the installment that Boba Fett debuts in during the series. It was destiny! At least, I am hoping so, because seeing Boba Fett ruined would be worse than realizing the totally pumped up badass of a star-fighter was really just some kid's 50 year old dad who plays D&D with his college chess team regularly.

Sweet mustache, but it doesn't save my childhood, dude.
Sweet mustache, but it doesn't save my childhood, dude.

Kasdan will draw off of the Extended Universe of Star Wars, which most likely means source material from "Tales of the Bounty Hunters", seeing as that is the book series we really get an in depth look at who Boba is, why he is, how he is, and his motive behind relentlessly stalking down evil injustices for whichever and whatever slimy government will hand him a hefty sack of coins.

Boba -- in the movies at least -- isn't a strong enough character to blueprint an entire film around but WHO he is and WHAT he does in the Star Wars universe packs enough punch in it's mystery to flawlessly execute a dramatic action filled movie. Which seems like a good enough flick already, right? Add in his obsession with Han Solo and their rivalry to give backstory and the dastardly quips are already flying through the air faster than an X-Wing.

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Could this tie into Josh Trank's rumored Han Solo spin-off? It seems like it'll all line up! A young Han Solo tirelessly running away from his overdue prison sentence from a brutally strict Boba Fett who gets lost in his own self-loathing stemmed from Han's evasion? Perfect script already, but I'd love to see a bit of an origin story for Boba. He's always been loved, but not for many other reasons than his quiet, intimidating persona. I would be interested in seeing how the character, HIS character developed and what pieces of his life shaped his famous attitude on the big screen. "The Last One Standing" revolves around exactly this, and is part of the EU that Kasdan has been rumored to be working off of, so I think it's a pretty safe bet that these speculations on the plot are sound and totally plausible.

We know that two directors have already been confirmed for a couple of the spin-off films, Josh Trank and [Godzilla](movie:45291)'s Gareth Edwards -- will either of them be working on this installment? Since it looks like Trank will be directing the Han Solo standalone (rumored) to come out in 2018, I am guessing that Gareth Edwards will be the master behind the camera on this one.

Does this make you excited? What do you think needs to be in a Boba Fett movie? Could these be even BETTER than [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158)? Do you think that Lawrence Kasdan can write up a decent script for a character that usually doesn't have a heck ton to say? Can anyone?

Drop some comments and opinions below!

(Source: SchmoesKnows)


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