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Now that we know who will play Daredevil in Marvel Studios' upcoming Netflix Series (Boardwalk Empire's Charlie Cox) and who will be playing the Kingpin- (Law & Order's Vincent D'Onofrio,) Let's talk about the series due out next year. We know that they will begin filming shortly on Location in New York's Hell's Kitchen.

Charlie Cox- Soon to be Daredevil
Charlie Cox- Soon to be Daredevil
Vincent D'Onofrio- Soon to be The Kingpin
Vincent D'Onofrio- Soon to be The Kingpin

I'm hoping since this series will be on Netflix, It will be far more Violent, more gritty feeling than the PG movies that Marvel Studios puts on the big screen. I'm thinking it will be something like the old "Blade" movies of the late 90's/early 2000's with lots of mind-blowing fight scenes; incredible acrobatics and smart dialogue one would expect from a Frank Miller comic.

Daredevil is in Peak Human Condition but with hyper-senses that compensate for his blindness. His hearing creates a 360 degree radar "Echo Location," that enables him to "See" attacks coming at every angle. He can "Read" the ink on a printed paper with his hyper sensitive touch. His reflexes are honed to the point where he can deflect a bullet out of mid-air with his trusty Billy Club. His acrobatic abilities rival the greatest Olympic Athlete. Hopefully they will have fun conveying these abilities.

The Man without Fear!
The Man without Fear!

Daredevil has had some interesting "ex-Girlfriends." There is a certain Natasha Romanov who was romantically linked to him early in his career as well as Elektra, The girlfriend turned Ninja Assassin, who has ties to the Ninja Clan known as "The Hand."

The Kingpin will feature prominently in this series as the Criminal Mastermind of New York City. Vincent D'Onofrio has the size and stature to make a menacing Wilson Fisk. His acting is first-rate so I don't see any issues with either him or Charlie Cox- who is great on Boardwalk Empire. Check it out if you haven't seen any episodes yet.

As far as other Villains go, Bullseye should be a major player in this series as well. He is Daredevil's Arch Nemesis in the comics. Perhaps they will feature other bad guys like Kirigi, an Immortal Ninja summoned by the Hand to do their nasty work.

Daredevil's Mentor; "Stick" is the Blind Leader of a clan of white clad Ninja's known as "The Chaste." He taught Matt Murdock how to deal with his blindness and his heightened senses. Look for him to feature in flashbacks.


Who are you looking forward to most with the New Daredevil Series?


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