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Despite any controversy over posters and expected raunchiness, Sin City: A Dame to Kill for is moving full steam ahead, and it shows in the stunning second trailer for the sequel. The trailer is packed with introductions to new characters played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lady Gaga, Christopher Meloni, Josh Brolin, Jeremy Piven and the apparent star herself, Eva Green.

While the stunning visuals are a constant nod to Green's signature haunting gaze (which she's putting to fabulous use in [Penny Dreadful](series:817319), by the way), this trailer seems to focus more on the downfall of Alba's character, Nancy, who stole the show in the first movie as well. While ads compliment Green's pivotal role in the upcoming film, Alba seems to steal the show in her own way.

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The series is known for spinning separate tales about the residents of Basin City that tie together in almost miraculous ways at times, so while there's no serious competition, Green's character (Ava Lord) is the primary focus of the sequel, having one of the most complex and lengthy stories in this particular installment of the original comic. Still, Nancy Callahan was (in this writer's opinion) one of the most interesting characters to follow in the graphic novels, so seeing more of her isn't necessarily a bad thing. Other highlights include the return of Mickey Rourke and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's exciting new role in the films as Johnny, who teams up with Nancy to take down the most powerful man in the state, played by Powers Boothe.

With series creator Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez back in the director's chair, fans of the comic can expect an exciting adaptation in the gritty second installment of the Sin City film franchise. [Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For](movie:1374) hits theaters August 22nd.


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