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Deathstroke the Terminator (his original name, which was soon after shortened to just Deathstroke) was supposed to get his own movie in the 80s, his birth-decade. But then with the release of the first Terminator film, although they could have just easily called the movie Deathstroke, they decided to cancel it. Do I wish they made it? Yes. But now, it's kind of even more exciting having him on screen for the very first time. (Besides . . . Arrow....) Although he is not confirmed for any movie, there could be an original 80's script that could be resurrected, a completely new one (for a solo/standalone film), but it would be awesome to see two things . . . a Teen Titans movie, and Deathstroke IN IT! So here are my fan casting choices for Slade Wilson: Deathstroke the Terminator:...

#1 : Jeff Bridges

#2 : Daniel Day Lewis

#3 : Ron Perlman

#4 : Liam Neeson

#5 : Stephen Lang

#6 : Brad Pitt

#7 : George Clooney

#8 : Gerard Butler

#9 : Thomas Jane

#10 : Sean Bean

Top Candidates

Jeff Bridges & Stephen Lang


Who do you want to see most as Deathstroke the Terminator in the DC Cinematic Universe?

Vote amongst yourselves and argue all you want in the comments!

Thanks for reading -Sam


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