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So now that we've all seen X-Men: Days of Future Past....(WHAT?! You haven't!? Stop reading, and go to the theater! NOW!)....we know that the timeline has been re-written and that the next X-Men film has been announced to be X-Men: Apocalypse for 2016. This brings into question who will be around for the next film?

As far as cast to be confirmed to return: James McAvoy as Charles Xavier, Michael Fassbender as Magneto, Nicholas Hoult as Hank McCoy/Beast, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. They've said that some of the original cast will be included as well but no more has been announced, and Gambit played by Channing Tatum is one of the biggest rumors surrounding the film, and is all but confirmed so we'll see.


The X-Men films have a tradition of introducing new mutants and new characters into the franchise each movie, and my favorite part of speculating on these new movies is who will make an appearance in the new installment. I think Fox has learned their lesson about cameos and throwaway characters. Angel is X3 was useless, Psylocke in X3 was barely even there, they didnt even use her name, Jubilee was in X2 and X3 but was not used, and there are lots more examples too, even characters like Juggernaut and Multiple Man used in X3 were just thugs, they weren't given much to do. It's disappointing. This is one of the biggest things I loved about DOFP was that I felt like everyone had importance. The new characters in the future (Bishop, Blink, and Warpath) were used very little but they still had relevance and were used well.

So here is my list of characters and fun choices to play the mutant. I don't mean for each of these characters to be introduced (it would be too many new characters) but each of them could fit into the Apocalypse story line, so it's all just fun speculation at this point!

Emma Frost
Yvonne Strahovski

Strahovski is amazing in Chuck, Dexter and 24. She'd make a killer Emma Frost! She's not only a gorgeous blonde but she's got the action chick down! We need an Emma with some style and action. At the end of First Class we see Emma go off with Magneto, Azazel, Mystique and Angel forming their Brotherhood, and in DOFP Magneto puts Emma into his list of friends who was killed since he had last since Xavier. So somewhere in that decade between stories she was apparently killed. Later in the film when Mystique is going through files where we see Angel and Azazel's photos mixed in with the mutants who were killed by Trask but no pictures of Emma were seen. Also in the comics Emma was once shattered in her diamond form and re-assembled by telekenitic Jean Grey. Maybe we could somehow bring her back. Emma is one of my favorite characters, but she deserves much more than to be the villain's lackey as she was in First Class. If we somehow brought her back we could see her as a villain later in the series.

Mr Sinister
Jason Isaacs

Sinister is pretty much a given for the film too, and not just because he has such connection to Apocalypse, or because we haven't seen him in the films yet, but mainly because every villain needs a lackey or two and Sinister makes the most sense to be the main lackey leading and bossing around the Four Horsemen. Isaacs is an amazing villain not only in Harry Potter, but I loved him as the villain in The Patriot too. He's got a great scowl! He could be a really sweet Sinister, and if he's not killed he could show up in a sequel!

Ben Foster
Alex Pettyfer

Angel is a necessity for the Apocalypse story. He's THE original Horseman. I will be very disappointed if we don't get to see Archangel as the Horsemen of Death. I know this doesn't fit into the timeline all that realistically, and I'm nervous about using time travel a second time, so my solution is an easy one actually: Apocalypse is basically all powerful, he could kidnap Angel as a baby and accelerate his aging to an adult. Apocalypse can see the future, so kidnapping the baby he knows will become the X-Man Angel wouldn't be too far of a reach.

Ben Foster was the original Angel in X3, even though he was hardly used and despite being in posters and other promos he didn't even put on an X-Men uniform! He did a good job as Angel with as little as was written for him, it was just disappointing he didn't get more to do. It would be nice to have some continuity and keep Foster, but Pettyfer is a beautiful blonde choice too! He's another good actor that we would be lucky to see as a superhero. No matter who the choice, I hope he signs a multi-film contract and we get Angel to stick around.

Chandler Riggs
Nolan Gould

I think this is the one I'm going to get the most crap for. I love both of these actors, so hear me out! First of all, I'm thinking that Mystique gave birth to Nightcrawler sometime between First Class and DOFP. Azazel was his father, so it makes sense that he was born before the events of the newest film. Perhaps his apparent death is one of the events that pushed Mystique to hatred and anger that we saw in the film. With the new film taking place in 1983 we could assume that Nightcrawler to be anywhere between 11 and 20 years old.

Riggs has been starring on the Walking Dead, which will begin it's sixth season in the fall. It's not that I hated the character, but as he's grown up I was just bored with him, until halfway through the fifth season when he got an amazing solo episode. The episode took place after the survivors had all split up, and Riggs was taking care of his half-dead beaten up father. The acting that he put out for this episode was fantastic. He's really grown into a talented actor.

Gould is another odd choice I know, the truth is is that Gould is actually a semi-genius. He graduated High School at age 13, and they say it takes a really smart person to play a really dumb character Gould is a great example of that with his work on Modern Family. (Another example is Lisa Kudrow and her work on a little shown known as Friends.) He's already kind of an awkward kid, which would be perfect for a Nightcrawler character, but with how smart and nerdy he is he could pull off such an unusual character in a new and fun way!

Riggs was born in 1999 and Gould in 1998, so either actor could play a 14-16 year old version of Nightcrawler, which would mean he's young enough we'd hopefully keep him around for some sequels!

Jared Padelecki

I know that Channing Tatum is really close to being confirmed as our new Gambit, and I don't think that he'll be terrible, but I do think that Padelecki would make a great Gambit. I don't know how he'd do with the accent but he already looks like Gambit. A good looking guy, good at playing the bad boy, and I really want a decent actor to take on Gambit so we can move onto more solo X-Men films and I think Padalecki would be a great anchor for a solo Gambit movie.

Stephen Lang

Unfortunately no actor will be able to fill Cable's large uniform. No real person can possibly be as large in the muscle and chest area as their comic book character. Lang is a great actor, He's our villain in Avatar, and if you haven't seen Terra Nova there's only one season but Lang is awesome. I looked him up on IMDB after I chose him as my Cable and apparently he's rumored as Cable in the rumored X-Force film (he's the only character listed). He would be awesome, he's the right age, right look, I would very much like to see a time-travelling Cable (hopefully travelling with Bishop) coming back in time to give Xavier advice on how to fight Apocalypse. I'm just nervous about using time travel again so soon, using it too much would be awful. Maybe the two of them could show up but not tell the main characters that they're from the future, ya know to protect the timeline or something, they could just be helpful mysterious strangers who aid the X-Men. We could still have a scene with Cable and Bishop alone talking about their mission, but not see the future or get too much into that.

Amandla Stenberg

This one was hard, we need an African American actress in her teens. Stenberg is a 14 year old actress (which matches up with Berry's age in the original films). Stenberg is best known for her role as Rue in the first Hunger Games. Although it was a small role she did a great job. Storm is an amazing character and I really want to get a chance to see her when Xavier first finds her, as she's being worshiped as a weather goddess in Africa. Stenberg is a beautiful girl, and Storm is probably the new character I'm looking forward to the most. We know we'll be seeing her, Cyclops and Jean as it's been confirmed by Bryan Singer, and was teased at the end of DOFP when Wolverine made Xavier promise to put together the X-Men. As much as I loved Halle Berry in the films, I still felt like she wasn't given much to do. Hopefully we'll see more of these other characters develop as we did in DOFP and not fall back to another Wolverine and the X-Men film.

Jean Grey
Elle Fanning

She won my heart in Super 8, and I loved her in Maleficient. I know there is lots of controversy over the core three - Jean, Cyclops and Storm - being cast as teenagers or young adults, but Fanning is 16 and with the movie taking place in 1983 would put her as 33 in 2000's original X-Men, which matches up with Famke Janssen who was 36 at the time. I want to see the X-Men as young teens under the tutelage of Xavier and Beast. I always thought we missed out on seeing the X-Men in the beginning, when it was only a few students and they were still trying to figure out who they were and what they can do. Fanning would look great with the red hair, and there's no question that she's a great actress and, again, with her age we could see her in several more X-Men movies.

Connor Jessup

Jessup is 20, but could still play a teenage Cyclops. I'm using my same argument in casting young as I said with Jean. It would line up with Marsden's age in the original films, and Jessup has been one of my favorite characters in Falling Skies (another show you should be watching). The kid is good looking, and already an action star on TV. Let's face it Marsden's Cyclops was written as an annoying prick, and that's only if he was given something to actually do. In the first movie he missed out on the final fight because Jean was sprayed by Toad, in X2 he was captured and missing until he fought Jean for all of two seconds, then in X3 he died really early on in the film. Cyclops needs to be a bad ass. The version we saw in the original trilogy should have been written for a young teenage boy going through puberty, one who was learning about his powers, and who suffered from silly jealousness of his cute girl with the new guy. Hopefully any new version of Cyclops will get past the sad and insecure part of himself to become the confident badass leader, who should have fighting skills as awesome as Captain America. Hopefully our new Cyclops will evolve into a character like this, it would be awesome to see him fight as sweet as Cap did but then mixing his eye blasts in there too between punches.

Djimon Hounsou

Hounsou will be featured in the upcoming film Guardians of the Galaxy as Korath, not sure how big of a part it will be, he's featured pretty intensely in the trailers. He would be a great pick for Apocalypse, he's ripped, tall and assuming that a lot of Apocalypse will be CGI, Hounsou has the amazing deep and intimidating voice which is one of the biggest requirements for the character. The villain always makes a break a superhero movie, and since Apocalypse is the king of all X-Men villains he has got to be awesome! I think Hounsou could really pull it off, it takes a great actor to be the villain, but one that is part cybernetic, immortal with gray skin commanding Four Horsemen is far out there as it is. I do think that Hounsou has got what it takes to pull it off.

What do you think of my choices?
Would you change any of them?
What new X-Men character would you like to see the most?


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