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Online dating is fraught with pitfalls. We've all heard of the trials and tribulations of ancient profile pictures, unexpectedly weird voices and unfathomable bores, but Rupert Grint had a much more niche problem: namely, the fact that dating profiles in his name weren't set up by him at all!

The Harry Potter actor recently had his credit card stolen and was shocked and confused when he was inundated with dozens of letters and emails from fawning admirers thanks to the creative crook.

The 25-year old redhead told The Star newspaper that;

I don't usually care about money that much. But when I had my card taken I cared about that. And the guy who did it joined loads of different dating sites. I kept getting post and messages about it all the time

Grint doesn't need any help from online dating websites though, the actor has been seeing a mystery lady since last year.

Hearing this story instantly got be chucking about some hilarious celebrity hoaxes of days gone by. So, get ready to laugh at the world's dumbest criminals and pranksters who prey on unsuspecting celebrities

5. Ricky Gervais and the world's most unconvincing passport

The actor and comedian who plays David Brent in the British version of [The Office](series:723298) fell victim to a suitably side-splitting incident involving a fake passport.

Fraudsters transferred £200,000 from the star's account in a scam to buy gold bullion, but were caught out when they attempted to use the world's worst fake passport to pick up the bounty.

The lazy crooks couldn't even be bothered to do a Google search of the actor, instead cutting out a picture of Gervais playing Brent from a DVD of The Office and tried their luck.

Luckily, Gervais saw the funny side. He explained on his weekly podcast that;

I tell you what, we were laughing for ten minutes. All they did was cut out the picture on the first series of The Office DVD. So it's a picture of David Brent sitting at a desk with that little smug look on his face.
Can you imagine who was in charge of getting the photo?
"Dave, you're doing so and so. Julie, you're on the inside. Bertie - can you get a picture?"
..."What are you going to HMV for?"

These scam artists might not have raised their bank balances, but they did raise shrieks of laughter all around Britain. You couldn't make it up.

4. Unmask Those Marauders!

Have you ever heard of the supergroup consisting of John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and George Harrison? I didn't think so. It never existed.

The editor of Rolling Stone Magazine, Greil Marcus, concocted the fake group named The Masked Marauders as a tongue-in-cheek dig at the all consuming trend for supergroups.

The review states that due to legal issues with their respective labels, the stars’ names wouldn't appear on the album cover, but the review extolled the virtues of Dylan’s new “deep bass voice”. One of the album’s highlights was an extended jam between bass guitar and piano, with Paul McCartney playing both parts! The writer earnestly concluded, “It can truly be said that this album is more than a way of life; it is life". Marcus concluded everyone was sure to realize it was a joke from the ridiculous details.

They didn't. Instead of fessing up and admitting he had made the whole thing up, Marcus dug his heels in and hired an obscure San Francisco band to record a spoof album, then scored a distribution deal with Warner Bros.

The Masked Marauders’ self-titled debut sold 100,000 copies and fans were only let into the joke when they bought the album and opened the sleeve. Inside each copy was the Rolling Stone review along with liner notes that read, “In a world of sham, the Masked Marauders, bless their hearts, are the genuine article.”

That's dedication!

3. Zach Braff Spits in the Face of Death

It seems like these days you aren't a bona fide celebrity unless you've had your very own internet death hoax. Everyone from Morgan Freeman to Jon Bon Jovi have been victims of a fictional demise, but few have tackled it with such good humor as Zach Braff.

While proving he was still very much alive, Braff also managed to declare his first 'douchebag of the day' and get Donal Faison to sing an R&B version of Wind Beneath my Wings. Impressive.

2. I Spy with my Little Psy... Someone who isn't me!

This sneaky celebrity fraudster didn't hurt anything but Korean singer Psy's reputation. A Psy lookalike sneaked into multiple parties at Cannes Film Festival last year and rinsed the free drinks and attention for all he was worth.

Luckily the authentic Psy found the hoax amusing. After seeing pictures of 'himself' he Tweeted his manager Scooter Braun from across the globe in Singapore

Seems like there's another ME at Cannes...say Hi to him @scooterbraun lol

1. Double Depp!

It's not just Psy who has an audacious double. The cast of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest were also totally fooled by a double Depp situation.

Darren, a 41-year-old British train driver, swashbuckled his way onto the Pirates of the Caribbean set thanks to his staggering likeness to the heartthrob actor. It's no wonder he also has a part time job impersonating Captain Jack Sparrow at birthday parties!

Darren's hoax was so convincing that he was mobbed by fans for photographs and autographs and instantly let through security by the guards on duty. Despite his prowess at mimicking the Hollywood actor, Darren was shocked his ruse succeeded. He told the press that;

I only did it for a laugh, I never thought anyone would ever fall for it

I hope this gutsy real-life pirate didn't get in Depp trouble for his pains!


Which weird celebrity hoax got you smiling the most?

(Source: Daily Star)

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