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Netflix has resurrected popular '90s children's series The Magic School Bus, continuing the expansion of its original content for children. The streaming service will release 26 episodes of the rebooted show, which will use computer-generated animation and will be called The Magic School Bus 360.

First broadcast on PBS in 1994, and most recently seen in reruns as part of the children's programming on Qubo, The Magic School Bus was the longest-running children's science program and was shown in nearly 40 countries the world over.

Check out this early concept art for the rebooted series, 360:

Cool, huh? With this 90s kids show providing a rich source of inspiration, what others shows could get a reboot next? Here's my list of potential candidates...

Clarissa Explains It All

Before Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, this show was an after-school staple. Melissa Joan Hart taught us how to dress (badly) and how to sneak a boy into our bedrooms, even if Sam was just her buddy. What lessons would Clarissa have to impart in 2014? This we have to know.



The bespectacled aardvark cut a bloody path of vengeance across the illiterate of the world, and - faced with typical childhood problems such as bratty siblings and schoolyard bullies - told us not only how to read but also, basically, how to live. Still not sure how it's done? Me neither. Let's bring him back.


Hey Arnold!

It's been years since the last episode of Hey Arnold aired and we still have no idea what Arnold's last name was. There was supposed to be a movie that would reunite him with his folks and finally reveal it, but it never happened. Sad face. Can we finally get the show back? Please.



You know the score with this one - lots of weird animals wandering around a bizarre world, waiting to be poached by teenagers and put to use in colorful cock-fighting matches. What's that, strange, solitary reader? You can think of nothing better? My point, entirely.



R. L. Stine recently announced that 13 episodes of Goosebumps were made available on Netflix for anybody with a hankering for childhood boogiemen of the PG variety. That, right there, is the real reason streaming services were invented. But, just think how much this show's dodgy CGI could benefit from a modern-day make-over!



Which 90s kids show d'you want rebooted?

(Source: ComicBook)


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